Some years ago  I purchased a .117 caliber break barrel pellet gun.  It came with a scope, but I always seem to miss my target more often than I hit it - which made me loss interest in shooting it.

Not too long ago, I found the gun in the tack room out in the barn, so I thought I'd give it a try again.  But in the process of cleaning the rifle, I broke the scope.  Still wanting to give it a try again, I zeroed in the iron sights.  Wow, my grouping was way better than I remember using the scope.  But, I really like using a scope.  So, instead of purchasing a new scope, I decided to purchase a new pellet gun.

Went down to Sportsman Warehouse and purchased a Benjamin Titan NP Air Rifle in .22 caliber for $169.


I really liked the feel of this rifle, but the included scope was really bad, so purchased a Hammers 3-9x32AO scope.  The rifle shoot way better than the .177 and I was getting some good groupings.  But, it seemed like each day I would shot it, I'd have to re-zero the scope.  Then, after having it for a week, and 600-700 shots later, my groupings really started getting bad.  That's when I noticed you could move the end of the barrel up and down about a quarter of an inch with your little finger!  You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if the scope is mounted to the rifle, and the barrel is moving up and down that your shots are going to be all over the place!  So returned it and got a replacement.

Well, again, after about a week and 500 shots, my shots were going everywhere but the target.  And again, I could change where the pellet hit the target by applying a very small amount of pressure on the barrel, by as much as 4-6 inches at just 25 yards.

This time I returned the gun for a refund and was about to give-up on break-barrel pellet guns forever.  But, then I decided to give it one more try and went to Dick's Sporting and purchased a Gamo Bone Collector Maxxim Pellet Gun (in .22 caliber).


Well, I only kept it for 2 days before returning it.  I don't care what people say, but a break-barrel isn't a very reliable, or should I say accurate, if the barrel doesn't return exactly to the same position each time it's cocked.  Never again will I purchase one!!

I know, I've read the stories about how accurate they are.  But lets do some math.  When cocking a brake-barrel rifle, if the end of a 15" barrel changes by 1/64 of an inch, that translates into 0.94 inches at 25 yds.

So, I started looking for an air rifle that wasn't a break-barrel.  Of course there are the PCP rifles, but cost was way too high...Until I found the Benjamin Maximus for $200.  I found a combo kit at AirgunDepot that included the rifle, pump, scope, some pellets, slung, and a target:


The short story...I'm in love with this PCP Air Rifle!!!  I can place pop cans out at 35 yds and hit them just about every time on the first shot.


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